Most Modern, Proficient Performance Hulls

We have actually developed the Most Modern, and yet most Proficient Performance and Economic (Green) Hulls, but our innovated discovery based inventions have not yet reached the Maritime Industry Markets, simply because the proper sought commercial partners sought for better protecting the vast value of this market-ready project have not yet been found by the founder and developer of this advanced discovery innovated hulls’ design and its additional complimentary “add-on” product-line to all and any existing water-crafts — as small as boats and as large as the biggest ships (Including Towed Bodies and Seaplanes).

The reason we are searching for a suitable commercial partner first, is so we can protect the Maritime Consumers plus Shipping markets for the new add-on “PowerFins” product line as well as the advanced “Superior Hulls” design from improper copies by companies which do not know or understand the Trade-Secrets of the discovered phenomenon we are employing, because “unlicensed” copies can risk the clients by looking like our invention.

The actual business opportunity we offer is very safe and in fact offers vast rewards in financial and credibility plus corporate growth to the proper needed partner, and if you like, you also can be our referral agent, as we are open for your help, and shall be able to reward you in thanks.

See more H E R E about Making Boats FLY and Ships SURF.

Please Note:There is much more under the iceberg surface” to see more of our yet new and original advanced know-how which we own. The results of our invention were tested to show these are more than the 10 listed commercial benefits which are all safe, very profitable, desirable and economic benefits.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The IP wisdom we employ, has proven itself as best yet, as we are still and have been ahead and are positioned to keep being ahead of any other patents in the industry, in the art of “Advanced Hulls”; and our patent rights are secured more because other patents are already subjected to the harmful PTAB process of technical legal infringements permitted by the USA PTO itself.

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