Welcome שלום

Welcome to the art of superior hulls’ speeds and yet most advanced Dynamic Stability and with unmatched Performance Capabilities, sailing comfort, economic use of power and fuel, as we can deliver to any of all existing boats, vessels and ships, including Towed-Bodies and also Seaplanes.

We also own the yet most advanced Hulls’ Design, even though the industry has been coming our way during the last 38 years.  Yes, 55 years ago, an idea was born but only 12 years after, I was free to look into it as a private and secret Research and Development Project and 38 years ago the discovery was successfully innovated and only 26 years ago, the original patent application was filed, but not published — so to keep the Patenting Rights till the proper partner is found.

Yes, there is a long story why the technology is still only in my possession, because of flaws in the existing commercialization options inventors are facing, more known to be the reason why only 2%-4% of innovations do reach the markets, and most are not by small enterprise but as part of the commercial growth of existing global monopolies. In the industry, we call it “Swimming in sharks eating sharks water” and we just did not choose such risky and poor option.

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