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Welcome to the “New Discovery Innovated” Arts and Patents of Advanced Superior Hulls, granting higher speeds with better economic performance and yet most advanced Dynamic Stability and with unmatched Performance Capabilities, sailing comfort, significantly better use of power and fuel by simple additional upgrade we can deliver to any of all existing boats, vessels and ships, including Towed-Bodies and also Seaplanes.

We also own the yet most advanced Hulls’ Design, even though the industry has been very slowly coming our way during years — but not yet successfully.  Yes, 60 years ago, an idea was born in my mind during my marine engineering studies, but only 12 years after, I was free to look into it as a private and secret Research and Development Project and 48 years ago the discovery was successfully innovated and only 31 years ago, the original patent application was filed, but not published — so to keep the Patenting Rights till the proper partner is found.  The newest patent application, is now alive at the USAPTO.

Yes, there is a wise reason with a long story why the technology is still only in my possession, which is related to major flaws in the existing commercialization options inventors are facing, which are also the reason why only 2%-4% of innovations do reach the markets, and not only PTAB politics and infringement risks to small enterprise from larger ones, as well as the new ways chosen for commercial growth by existing global monopolies (Choosing to pay legal costs as a gamble against Licensing or Collaboration options).

To put it simply for the Maritime Industry, we call our choice “Swimming safely in sharks eating sharks water” and we just did not select the more risky and other poor options.

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החברה רשומה בקנדה אבל הניהול הוא דרך הבעלים שגר בישראל

בקשת הפטנט רשומה בארצות-הברית, אבל מומלץ לרשום הגנה עולמית כי הערך המיסחרי לכל התחבורה בים ושייט במיים בכל מיני כלי שייט הוא פשוט עצום. יש גם תוכנית מתקדמת, שתוצג רק לבעלי עיניין בשותפות רצויה