About PrePatenting

PrePatenting, is yet the most modern practical method of protecting yet new inventions, so to have and keep the rights as in the original mandated benefits of A Patent, because the existing system has eroded too much as a protection for small enterprise and new inventions, and today it is only practically useful for large active monopolies, and unfortunately is risky plus useless in most cases for new startups — which at best, can be taken over by the main Global Monopolies.

PrePatent PrePartnership, is the newest and best plus most modern way for realizing effective protection, by also planing for Patent Insurance.

אנחנו לא ממליצים לרשום פטנט לפני שיש שותף מיסחרי לחזק את ההגנה מתחרות מסכנת

When as important as the technologies as the ones we have, in design as well as add-on product line to existing boats, vessels and ships — a vast market, not having to start and create plus keep new markets – the best business growth strategy is to find the suitable existing owners of shipping companies and to shipyards and boats plus yachts manufacturers who are open to adding our technology to theirs products lines.