About The Opportunity

You are looking at a special Maritime Opportunity of growth, and we need a Suitable Commercial Partner to take the results of the work we already have done into the National and vast International Markets.

Our Business Development Strategy has few optional starting levels, depending on the commercial-partner we can have.  It can be at very low level investment as well as entering the markets in a big way.

You can be a referral agent by sharing what you see and read here with a maritime corporate interest who may be interested to work with the inventor’s private company; and you can contact me directly as an investor wishing to be part of the project.  The full description of the project and opportunity is shared at the original information website, which was created as a set of letters to Investors, Mariners, Manufacturers, Racing Teams, Navy, Naval Architects, and all who love boating and yachting.

אנחנו כבר עובדים בקשר עיניני עם גורמים בארה״ב ובאסיה