About The Discovery

The Maritime Industry is slowly evolving towards a capability I have innovated from my discovery of a yet new phenomenon, but before I find the needed commercial partner for protection of all clients and active members of the industry, all what I can share is that we can make Boats Fly and Ships Surf with Faster and superior performance, better economy and in fact 10 commercial advantages your boat, vessel or ship does not but can have.

As you can see, the boat is lifted to fly on top of the water

Here you can see a cruiser lifted as well, and can be lifted even more

Here is a picture taken during a Tow-Tank Test, on a model of a modern Navy Ship, still in use…

יש סודות שעלינו לשמור גם אחרי ההוצאה לאור של ההמצאה ותוצאותיה

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